Facebook and its apps glitch for hours as whistleblower testifies before Congress (includes video) | South Florida Media Network

Yesterday was not a good day for Facebook. The social media giant experienced the worst outage in its 17-year history. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were down for most of the day, with company executives taking to Twitter to update users on the progress to bring the servers back. Twitter joked about this, tweeting: “Hello literally everyone.” This outage followed an interview on “60 Minutes” Sunday in which Frances Haugen, a whistleblower and former Facebook employee, alleged that the comp

Cubanoamericanos debaten una posible intervención de los Estados Unidos | South Florida Media Network

Miles de cubanoamericanos y exiliados cubanos han estado protestando en diferentes ciudades del condado Miami-Dade, como el Doral, Hialeah, Sweetwater y la Pequeña Habana en solidaridad con las recientes manifestaciones en Cuba. Demandan el fin del régimen comunista que lleva 62 años en la isla, pero las formas de llegar a ese objetivo son muy debatibles.

Cuban Americans debate about a possible US intervention (includes video story) | South Florida Media Network

Cuban exiles and Cuban Americans are protesting in cities all over Miami-Dade, from Doral and Hialeah to Sweetwater and Little Havana, calling for the end of the island’s 62-year communist regime– but the path to that goal is heavily debated. Amongst protestors, a common solution is military intervention, which means sending troops to the island to put some pressure on the Cuban government.

South Florida’s Cuban community rallies in support of Cuba’s uprising (includes video story) | South Florida Media Network

The protests in Cuba seem to be slowing down, if the Cuban government is to be believed. The truth is obscured by the fact that the island is under an internet blackout. Here in South Florida, the support for Cuba’s freedom is stronger than ever. For the past couple of days, the protests in the island have been in record numbers never seen before in Cuba’s 62-year communist regime, with Cuban exiles in South Florida protesting in Doral, Tamiami Park and even shutting down the Palmetto Expresswa

Jovenel Moïse’s assassination sparks debate among Haitian experts | South Florida Media Network

Garry Pierre-Pierre, an editor of the Haitian Times newspaper, was awakened in the middle of the night recently. One of his reporters in Haiti said President Jovenel Moïse has been assassinated. “It took me a while to process that information because I didn’t see that coming,” he said. “We know that Haiti is a volatile place, but we haven’t assassinated a president since 1915.”

Miami Beach real estate likely to be affected by the Surfside collapse (includes video story) | South Florida Media Network

Miami Beach is generally one of the most desirable real estate spots in the country, but that has changed since the collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, where the death toll is currently 46 and growing daily. Even though the cause of the building’s collapse is still unknown, it has raised many questions about the 40-year recertification process that all buildings in the area go through.

Prices rise as consumers start spending once again (includes video story) | South Florida Media Network

As the economy reopens and people start to open their wallets again, prices will increase for everything from meat and home- improvement products to airfare. As demand increases, supply often decreases as supply chains slowly come back to life. Meat has reached a record high price increase due to the booming of restaurants, according to Stew Leonard Jr., president and CEO of the grocery store chain Stew Leonard’s. Similarly, home improvement materials have also had record price increases. Joh

Se reabren con cautela las piscinas públicas (incluye video) | South Florida Media Network

El verano está al doblar de la esquina y los parques de aguas y piscinas públicas del sur de la Florida estarán abiertos a partir del 14 de junio. Según el Departamento de Salud del condado de Miami-Dade, hay más de 3300 piscinas públicas en su circunscripción. Algunos de estos centros, tanto en Miami-Dade como en el condado de Broward, abren todo el año, y otros solamente en el verano. El centro acuático de Miramar es un ejemplo de los que abren todo el año y lo ha estado desde enero, con limitaciones debido a la pandemia, como operar al 25% de su capacidad, garantizar el distanciamiento social, checar de la temperatura corporal y exigir el uso de tapabocas.

Public pools open for the summer in South Florida (includes video story) | South Florida Media Network

Summer is just around the corner, so get those bathing suits ready South Florida, because many public pools are reopening by June 14 — just in time for the end of the school year. Miramar Aquatic Center is an example of a year-round facility that opened for the first time since the pandemic began in January, with 25% capacity, an enforced mask mandate and temperature checks. Now going into the summer, the pool will open at 50% capacity while maintaining the same guidelines, according to head li

Miami-Dade Public Library System is lending tablets to the public (includes video story) | South Florida Media Network

The Miami-Dade Public Library System launched a new lending program last week that allows all library cardholders to borrow a Samsung tablet for 30 days. According to Rafael Costa, the assistant director for public services for the library’s 50+ branches, this program is a long-time coming, with the need more apparent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The resources are funded by the CARES Act of March 2020, which awarded $13.8 million to American libraries and museums. The money allowed the library

Newsbreak, April 22, 2021 | South Florida Media Network

The Department of Justice launches an investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department, the Senate votes today on a bill that addresses anti-Asian hate crimes, President Biden announces a new tax credit for small businesses, and European soccer fans feel betrayed by a new deal that moves all of Europe’s top teams into a new “super” league. All these stories and more on today’s Newsbreak!

Pace Principal Ana Garcia kept students going during the pandemic (includes video story) | South Florida Media Network

March is Women’s History Month and we are commemorating women all over South Florida. One of them is Ana Garcia, the principal of Monsignor Edward Pace High School in Miami Gardens, who has been leading the school for 17 years, even during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. She graduated from Pace in 1980 and obtained a degree in special education from Miami-Dade College and Florida International University. Afterward, she worked in Miami-Dade Public Schools for 17 years before returning to her alma matter.

Cómo Los Ángeles y Miami reducen la inequidad en el suministro de la vacuna (incluye video) | South Florida Media Network

La inequidad es un problema nacional, manifiesto en la distribución de las vacunas contra el coronavirus. Para ser vacunado, uno debe contar con una variedad de recursos, como un auto, acceso al internet, y un teléfono inteligente, pero en los condados de Miami-Dade y Los Ángeles, algunos hospitales lanzaron iniciativas para asegurar que el proceso sea más equitativo.

Women Run Wynwood speeds through the arts neighborhood (includes video story) | South Florida Media Network

Monday was International Women’s Day, a time to celebrate and empower all the women in our lives. Women Run Wynwood, which drew several hundred people to the city’s arts neighborhood on Sunday, did just that with a 5k run, multiple vendors selling food, drinks, and fitness gear, a DJ, as well as dance and yoga. Fitness instructor Grisell Denise came up with the idea while running at her local gym. “There’s great fitness events in Miami that cater to everyone, but there is not one such event that caters to the specific woman,” said Denise. “By having this event catered specifically to women, we are doing so much for them.”

Newsbreak, March 9, 2021 | South Florida Media Network

The stimulus bill moves back to the House with the $15 minimum wage removed, those vaccinated against COVID-19 have new freedoms, and Kobe Bryant’s wife obtains the names of four Los Angeles County police officers who showcased photos of the now-deceased Laker great after his death. Jury selection resumes in the trial of Derek Chauvin, who allegedly killed George Floyd, and Women Run Wynwood holds a 5k marathon. Finally, Universal Studios has some scary good news for fans of their annual Hallow

Alone at 15 when his grandmother died, Bruce Ramirez-Duran has made it to college | South Florida Media Network

After aging out of the foster care system, 19-year-old Bruce Ramirez-Duran is navigating life as an independent college student. He was born in the United States, but his mother returned to her native Peru when he was a baby and he grew up there. At 14, he moved to Miami to live with his grandmother, but when she died less than a year later, he moved into an emergency shelter. Ramirez-Duran said he found out about SOS Children’s Villages, an agency that provides foster children with long-term
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